Who’s who

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Who’s who

Administrator and Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Penny Hewitt 100

Penny Hewitt is likely to be your first point of contact with the church if you ring the office. Penny has a dual role at OBC.  As Children’s Ministry Coordinator she leads the children’s work and is passionate about children discovering God’s love through fun and creative ways.  She is also the administrator and so helps to make the wheels of church life turn smoothly.

Our VLT – Vision and Leadership Team (from left to right)

Paul Cheesman 100   Tim Fergusson   Bill Green 100   Bernice Lingard     Mark Tindale 100
Paul Cheesman has been part of Olton Baptist Church since 1995 and has been involved in the youth work for most of that time. He works for Agape / Campus Crusade as their Global HR coordinator. He really likes people.

Tim Fergusson (minister) has been in and around the Midlands since he was eighteen, variously as a student, a design engineer and as a Baptist minister. Tim is passionate about doing church well.

Bill Green has been part of Olton Baptist Church since 2001 and became a Christian in 2007. He loves Rugby, History and Mythology (especially Norse Mythology). He is enthused by the ministry of Chaplaincy Plus in Birmingham City Centre encouraging and supporting Christians in the city.

Bernice Lingard has been part of Olton Baptist Church for about 10 years. She loves Ceroc, watching films, badminton, champagne and humous but not necessarily in that order. She loves to meet people and find out their story and how God is working within it.

Mark Tindale moved to the area in 2013 following a season engineering in various African countries. With his wife Ali, he is working to build community and encourage faith in Hockley Heath, where he lives. He loves everything that takes place outdoors.


Supporting trustees

Steve Hands   
Steve Hands – Treasurer – is one of the founder members of Olton Baptist Church. Steve runs his own accounting business and is so keen on accounting that he is now serving as church treasurer for the third time in the church’s history.

Karen Russell  Secretary

Workplace chaplain

Tina Hands 100
Tina Hands spends one afternoon a week visiting the shops near our office as a workplace chaplain. She is there to provide friendship and a listening ear. Her work is in conjunction with CIGB, the Birmingham Churches Together group for workplace chaplaincy.