The Base Camp Concept

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The Base Camp Concept

We think any church has three purposes:

to look up, in worship and prayer;
to look in, by caring for each other;
to look out, by seeking to share God’s love with others.

Olton Baptist Church encourages a focus on the last of these – the ‘looking out.’ We call our church a base camp. Though we worship together and care for one another, we do so in order to be prepared and equipped to take part in the mission God has given each of us. That mission is to model his love and justice among all the people we meet, wherever we find ourselves.

So at Olton Baptist Church, we are not so concerned to build our own reputation, programme or facility. Instead, we want to send everyone out from the base camp as an explorer.  Strengthened by their time at the camp, our expedition is to take God’s love to the people we meet in our streets or workplace or social spaces. So we initiate, join, or run activities, groups and charities with the same aim in mind. Those we run ourselves we call our Explorer Groups.

We do have church membership for those who wish to commit to the base camp church. But we hope that anyone encountering any part of the church for the first time will find us generous and inclusive. We hope that you too will want to join us and undertake your own expedition of sharing God’s incredible love with others.