Visiting Olton Baptist Church FAQs

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

Where is the church?
We don’t have a church building, but have met at Langley Secondary School on Kineton Green Road since the church began in 1989. We do have an office building called The Branch, on the Warwick Road in Olton.

What time are your services?
We have a single service on Sunday mornings at 10.30am, except on the second Sunday in each month when we meet in small ‘Explorer Groups’ around Olton, seeking to make connections with our community.

If I come to a Sunday service, what do I have to wear?
Whatever you are comfortable in – we are a very informal church.

Where can I sit?
Feel free to sit anywhere you would like.

Will I have to take part?
Our services vary – sometimes the congregation’s participation is limited to standing to sing worship songs; other times we encourage people to pray together or discuss a question with one another. But everything is explained, and there is no problem if you wish to opt-out.

Will I have to give any money?
We do collect a financial offering each week to help pay for the costs of running the church and for various local, national and international mission projects, but it is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to contribute.

Will I be pounced on by lots of people?
Well… we make no apologies that a number of people will probably seek to speak to you to welcome you. Anyone is free to make a quick escape at the service’s end, but if you have time, we hope you will stay for refreshments and get to know us a little.

Is there someone who can pray for me?
At the end of each service, there is always the opportunity to be prayed for by members of the pastoral care team and it is made clear who you need to see for this.

If I bring my children, how will they be included?
When we meet to worship, children aged 0 – 14 go to some children’s and young people’s groups from the very beginning and then join the service at about 11.30am. If this is your first visit, we hope you and your children will feel comfortable to go to the groups, but they can stay with you in the service if they prefer. If you have a baby who needs comforting during the service, a staffed creche is available.

Do you have a child protection policy?
Yes. If you would like to see a copy, please contact Penny at the Church office.

If I want to join an Explorer Group or a home group, who do I speak to?
Either come along on a ‘normal’ Sunday and we can point you in the right direction, or ring the church office and they will help.